Where To Watch 2018 MLB Games Online

As the 2018 MLB season approaches its end in October, more fans are looking to catch the final action as it unfolds. Unfortunately, there are plenty of responsibilities to deal with for most people so watching the matches in person or staying glued to the TV would be impossible. That is why the convenience of streaming the games online is much appreciated. Unfortunately, that too comes with its own hurdles in the form of content blackouts.

Content blackouts and how to avoid them

Most of the streaming services from which you can watch the MLB games are only accessible within the US and a few other regions. Therefore, the content is inaccessible to fans that live or are traveling outside the US, which is what we mean by content blackouts. You can solve this by using a VPN to stream MLB games online. A VPN does so by enabling you to bypass the geo-restrictions by connecting to a US server location. As such, you make it appear as though you are browsing the content from the US, even though you aren’t. Nevertheless, before you can hope to solve the content blackouts, you have to know where you can watch the MLB games from. This article highlights the best streaming services to watch the MLB games online:


As the official streaming site, MLB.TV has the most comprehensive package for watching the games online. You can choose the ‘All teams’ or ‘Single Team’ package depending on your interest and budget. Additionally, you can choose between the monthly or annual package. The All Teams subscription costs $25.99/month and $115.99/year while the Single Team subscription costs $15.99/month and $89.99/year. MLB.TV offers free access to US students and a 7-day free trial on any subscription. The downside to using MLB.TV is that it is subject to content blackouts.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is a streaming service that offers access to channels, which provide live streams of the MLB games such as Fox Sports and CBS. Therefore, a YouTube TV subscription does not provide direct access to the games as in the case of MLB.TV. The benefit of subscribing to streaming services such as YouTube TV is that they eliminate the need of having to subscribe to each channel. Instead, you gain On-Demand access with a single subscription. The basic package costs $40/month and offers access to 60+ channels. Of course, access to the content is subject to the channels restrictions so look up the network before connecting your VPN. YouTube TV offers multi-platform support and is accessible through 3 devices simultaneously.

Sling TV

Sling TV is similar to YouTube TV, with the differences being in the features. The basic package for Sling TV costs $25/month and provides access to 29 channels, which is the lowest of any other streaming service. However, other packages offer access to more channels. With the basic package, Sling TV is only accessible via a single device at a time. The service provides On-Demand access to content and multi-platform support. Unlike other streaming services, the number of simultaneous streams increases with the package, the highest being 4 devices.

PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue offers multi-platform support and is accessible via up to 5 devices simultaneously through its basic package. The package costs $45/month and provides access to 45+ channels and On-Demand access to content. While PlayStation Vue offers the highest number of simultaneous streams, there are conditions on the devices that can be connected simultaneously.


DirecTV also offers multi-platform support, On-Demand content access, and accessibility via up to 2 simultaneous devices. The basic package costs $40/month and offers 60+ channels, similar to YouTube TV.

Hulu with Live TV

Hulu with Live TV offers multi-platform support, On-Demand access to content and access to up to 2 simultaneous streams, much like DirecTV. The basic package costs $40/month and provides access to 50+ channels, which is lower than DirecTV.

The Takeaway

Ultimately, your choice of streaming service affects your experience. Therefore, you should look into a comprehensive comparison of the streaming services to determine which suits your needs. Similarly, your choice of VPN also affects your streaming experience. We recommend ExpressVPN, which is the fastest and most secure VPN and provides access to over 30 server locations in the US alone.