Top 4 USA Music Festivals You Shouldn’t Miss

There are plenty of exciting music festivals happening all year round in the United States, and if you’re feeling a bit regretful that you weren’t born in time to catch the original Woodstock back in the seventies, worry no more because we’ve got a list of the top 4 music festivals in the USA. You should absolutely go to. Make sure your travel documents – including your USA Visa – are all complete, and have the experience of a lifetime!

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival

This is one of the biggest music festivals that you really shouldn’t miss. Coachella is an annual music and arts festival held over two weekends in Indio, California. The venue for this music festival is in the middle of the Colorado Desert, so don’t expect to see skyscrapers and swimming pools around you. As a matter of fact, first-timers going to Coachella will definitely be in for a culture shock, so if you’re one of them, this very quick guide is for you:

  • Different musical performances will be taking place on several different stages all throughout the day, for the entire duration of the festival. It’s recommended to set a schedule for the artists you really want to see; otherwise, you’d go crazy trying to flit from one stage to another.
  • Large-scale sculptures and art installations will be scattered across the huge venue, some a bit weirder than others. Bring your camera, because you’ll be sure to see a lot of cool-looking stuff (and some odd stuff as well).
  • Most of the festival-goers will be camping right on the grounds, so expect to see tents everywhere, as well as lots of people in various states of undress.
  • If you’re worried about getting hungry, several restaurants will be selling food in select locations, and there will also be showers, toilets, barber shops, and beauty salons.
  • Bring cash, not credit cards. Don’t expect to see ATMs, either.
  • Dress comfortably and stylishly if you want, but keep in mind that you’re going to be in a desert, and there will be lots of sand.

The SXSW Music Festival

It’s also known as “South by Southwest.” The SXSW music festival happens every year in Austin, Texas, and the music part is just a portion of what is actually a combination of music, film, and interactive arts. Just think of it as a more stylish, classier version of Coachella, and you’ll be in good shape. It’s undoubtedly the trendiest, considering that the biggest names in the music industry come together with their film and technology counterparts to make connections, do business, and find some new talent along the way.

The SXSW music festival is in no way limited to any musical genre, so expect to enjoy performances of a wide variety of styles from a diverse collection of new and established artists. The festival showcases more than 2,000 performers from over 60 countries, all looking to make a name for themselves or maintain their status as one of the top artists in their industry.


Lollapalooza is a music festival held every year traditionally at Chicago, although there have been several international expansions of the festival held in select countries in South America and Europe. Typically, the musical performances at the festival tend to be of the rock, heavy metal, hip-hop, pop, and electronic genres. Shows are held on different stages with more than a hundred bands and artists performing. You can also expect to see comedy acts, dancers, and visual artists.

Of course, there are plenty of other activities happening if you do want to take a break from all the music. Fill up your bags with plenty of free stuff and giveaways from several well-known brands, shop around in their “Lolla Market” for jewelry, handmade houseware, organic clothing, and fair-trade goods by local craftsmen as well as world-recognized artisans. They also have band camps, baby changing stations, water stations, and even a pop-up piano bar and high-tech lemonade stand last time we saw.

The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival

An annual celebration of the music and culture that makes New Orleans unique, this music festival combines the music, food, and cultural attractions of the city and has grown into one of the biggest tourist destinations in the USA, and certainly one of enormous economic significance as well. To give you an idea of what the festival means to New Orleans, it is estimated that the event brings in around $300 million every year from tourism revenue.

The music pays homage to the genres associated with the city and the state: jazz, blues, R&B, gospel, Afro-Caribbean, Cajun music, folk music, country, bluegrass, and more. As for the food, the local establishments have made a pact not to serve “carnival food,” so expect to enjoy a selection of the best cuisine available in the state. Food kiosks will be serving homegrown delicacies such as crawfish, crab po’boys, alligator sausages, Cajun jambalaya, fried green tomatoes, and oyster patties, to name a few.

Last Word Of Advice For Making Your Travel Plans

Don’t wait until the last moment to process your ESTA papers. Music festivals like these happen only once every year, and the tickets sell out fast like you wouldn’t believe. If you’re interested in visiting the U.S. to experience one of these festivals, you should get a move right away and make sure your ESTA Visa is processed. You can apply for a USA ESTA visa in just three easy steps; visit our website to start!