Top 10 Travel Tips for London This Season

London is one of the most astounding cities where people from all over the world love to spend their time. Whether it is the natural beauty of the Thames River or the aesthetical architecture of the London Bridge, the capital of England has everything that a traveller wishes to explore on a trip.

If you also have a love for London and thinking about booking cheap flights from Delhi to London this season or from any other city, then you must even get some travel tips in handy to get the best fun. There are a lot of reasonably priced things to do in London which are much pleasurable than the expensive ones. If you don’t know about them, then here are some travels tips that you might want to take before going on your London trip:

  • Use Oyster Card: – While in London, Oyster card are quite helpful to travel in the tubes stations and buses of the city. This electronic smartcard was introduced to make travel cheaper and easier in London. It can be used in all public transportation; thus, making it easier to travel across the city conveniently.
  • Go Cycling in London streets: – For longer journeys, the above option is a perfect choice, but what next when you are in central London. Well, you can turn to cycle which is a classic option to roam around in the central parts of the city. If you want to go cycle, then you can use city’s Santander Cycles schemes. In this way, as a traveller, you may explore something different in city which pleases you the most.
  • Visit Free Attractions in London: – There are some places and landmarks in London which welcome you without asking for a single penny. These beautiful landmarks are free of cost where you can make your trip more wonderful. Some most famous free attractions in London are:-
  • National Gallery
  • British Museum
  • Place of Westminster
  • Greenwich Park
  • Borough Market
  • Opt For Local Food: – Maltby Street Market is famous for its street food. There are some cheap price food-trucks, restaurants, traditional cafes and shops like Pret a Manger and Eat, which are famous for their sandwiches. If you want to satisfy your tummy without burning a hole in your pockets, then you should try these places.
  • Don’t Miss London’s Nightlife: – London has various places for party heads where one can enjoy the nightlife of the city. People also like to go to student clubs at night. They host great number students because they are cheap in price, so, you can visit the clubs at low budget.
  • Take a Ride on London Eye: – If you are in London, then you would not like to miss a ride in Coca-Cola London Eye, a giant Ferris at the south bank of river Thames. The tickets are available online which gives you some discount but make sure to reserve your seats in advance for better deals.
  • Pack the Essentials: – Londoners know that the weather of their city is pretty unpredictable. Hence, they always keep umbrella and sunglasses handy. So, when you do your packing, keep both items in your bag to dodge the moody weather.
  • Book Your Stay in Central London: – On a short trip to London, staying in the central London would be a good choice. The place is full of luxurious as well as cheap hotels and friendly hostels that can go with our budget.
  • Visit the Buckingham Palace: – During your trip, do plan a visit to Buckingham Palace and get an opportunity to be a spectator of Changing guard event, of which the tickets are available online.
  • Avoid Oxford Streets on Weekends: – On Saturdays and Sundays, the Oxford street gets heavily crowded which can be stressful a bit. On weekends, avoid passing by the street if you don’t like to feel claustrophobic.

Jot these tips down and book the cheap flights from Delhi to London fast if you wish to save your bucks!