The best among the boutique hotels in Brooklyn – The Condor Hotel

The Condor Hotel is located at the heart of Brooklyn and for both business and personal travelers, this is one of the most reasonable and premium hotel which has been designed to play the role of an inviting charm. If there are travelers who are looking for a corporate lodging which is also in close proximity with different attractions in Brooklyn, Condor Hotel is perhaps the best option. The arrival of guests is marked by a warm smile and fold hands and this is the symbol of their hotel ethics performed right.

 The Condor hotel in Brooklyn will give the guests an opportunity to shop around in the local shops, dine at the local cafes and restaurants and also travel in public transportation in and around Brooklyn. They believe life in details, a collection of moments each of which can contribute to forming a unique experience. Their ultimate goal is to make the guests experience their ‘Condor’ moment.

A detailed look into the exclusivity of the amenities and services

Convenience and comfort have always been the two ideal things that the people in Condor Hotel have always wanted to offer to their guests. Being one of the most preferred boutique hotels, here are the services and amenities that you should expect from them.

  • Garden

When a garden can be well-maintained, it can be deemed as the oasis of beauty amidst the urban aura. There you will get individual seating spaces and the guests will love and enjoy the measure of discretion and privacy.

  • Refreshments

Do you need a refreshment break at any time of the night and day? If answered yes, visit the Condor Front Desk and get your bucket of baked cookies and a wide array of gourmet coffees, hot chocolates, teas, lemonade free of cost.

  • Living room

The living room that the Condor Hotel offers you is the epitome of beauty and tranquillity. You can unwind yourself, relax and even socialize with people whenever you want to. You can arrange personal celebrations at the local venues and you will get a calm zone during such celebrations. You also get an ATM, large flat-screen TV, magazines, computer and maps.

  • Dining

There are many fine dining restaurants which you can reach by walking but they also deliver food within 30 minutes. The front desk will be happy to provide you with advice and can also arrange for delivery.

Therefore, when you’re wondering about where to stay at Brooklyn, choose the Condor Hotel without any doubt and avail the above listed services.

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