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Guide to Packaging Design

IF you are selling a product, then learn from the following packaging design tips.

Audience is the most important consideration when designing your packaging. It should be clear in your mind for whom the products you are selling to are. You can sell your product to elderly ladies who love to garden, or aged men who love to do home improvement jobs. By knowing whom you would sell your products to, you can make your package design decision easier.

The benefits of your products will be its selling power. Your packaging should be focused to show how easy it is to use your products or how good your product tastes.

It is better to have multiple packaging designs than a single one. You can print out a few designs and set them out next to each other and see what catches your eye first. It is good to involve even your family and your friends in this decision. Don’t think that because you like it, your customers will like it to. Testing is important.

Product cost should influence product packaging design. Don’t overdesign for a low price point product. Your packaging cost will be more than necessary if your over design it.

One thing you should do is to check out the place in the store where your package will be displayed and what type of packaging the one next to it has. If you want your products to be displayed in a certain store, check out your comopetition’s packaging. This knowledge can help you rise above them.

Stores might have a difficult time displayed your product if your packaging is unique to the point of not being able to stand correctly or cannot easily be stocked. It you make it easy for the store to display your products, then more people will see it and perhaps buy your product.

Bag. box, plastic, or paper, whatever materials you choose for your product is important. Price drives your choice. Your product package should be to its best advantage without adding to the cost.

A consistent brand will show in all your products. Brand consistency is important if you want to command attention to your product on the shelves. If you have more than 1 product then it can grab the attention of buyers. If the attention of customers is caught this can help increase your sales.

A package should be thought of an as shelf billboard. It is important that people will know the benefits of your product which can simply be put in your packaging. If your package is large then you will have plenty of room to display features and benefits. A small product will give you room to add selling copy and photos.

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