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Facts About Facial Hair

Hair that grows on the face is called facial hair and it normally grows on the upper lip area, cheeks, and the chin and mostly it tends to grow more on the human males and they begin to have the facial hair during adolescence or puberty and usually the hair does not develop fully until the male is twenty one years and has become a full adult but this differs since some boys may get the facial hair when they are sixteen years and there has been cases of some boys getting the hair while they are eleven years.

Men love to have the facial hair made into styles such as sideburns, goatees, beards, or they simply shave the hair but there are others who like to have whiskers or facial hair that grows on the cheeks and chin but women may develop facial hair when they are in menopause.

Facial hair generally does not develop in any particular order while in puberty and the moustache tends to form in stages and the hair may start growing between the ages of eleven to fifteen years and then it spreads as moustache during the two following years.

At twenty one years the facial hair grows to a full beard and in some men the hair grows on the side of the face but the growing of the beards actually depends on the environment of the genetic heritage and human biological processes but where women are concerned, they tend not to have any hair on their face except for the vellus hair which cover most of the body and the eyebrows.

Facial hair that grows excessively is termed as hirsutism and is usually an indication of some kind of variations of the hormones and in this case the women remove the facial hair because they consider the grow to be a social stigma and the removal of the hair is normally done by experts in hair grow or they be removed by treatment of laser by professionals.

If the androgens levels are higher than normal and they include of testosterone, some women may get to have facial hair which is excessive growing on their chin and even other parts of their bodies.

Unwanted may be removed by using a beard trimming scissors and if it is the on the chin one may use the mustache scissor and the facial grow of the hair on the woman’s chin may be because of some out flow of androgens and many of the women get this condition when they have some obesity, menopause, and stress all which disturbs the hormones.

One may mix four cups of sugar, one cup of honey, and two cups of lemon juice and then cook the mixture until it melts, then let it to cool and apply the mixture to the chin where the facial hair is and cover it with a cotton cloth that is clean until the mixture has dried on the skin and by sifting the cloth with ne move, one can pull the cloth from the chin and the hair will go with it but it is however the best method to remove the facial hair is to talk to a professional.

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