How to Protect Yourself from the Heat While Camping

Camping is a good idea for your family during summer. This will surely bring your family and friends together and provide you time to relax and recharge. Heat, however, may pose a problem. During summer, temperatures may go as high as 40 degrees at noon. Heat waves in Australia are now considered as the deadliest threat to anyone who is not ready.

So how do you keep yourself cool during the hot summer days while you are camping? Here are a few tips:

1. Position your tent wisely

Near the water. If you pitch your tent near the water, you can take advantage of the cool breeze at night, as the cold air pushes the warm air towards land. The downside is that you have to expect more insects and mosquitoes near bodies of water. The river may also rise after a heavy rain and flood your tent.

Under the trees. Trees provide the perfect shade for tents. Be wary though of falling branches and fruits from the trees that may damage your tent or worse, hurt you. If you notice that the tree next to you has a lot of dead leaves, better look for another shade. Trees are also very dangerous during a thunderstorm. As much as possible, look for a shaded area between the trees and set your tent there instead of pitching your tent directly under the branches.

Orientation. Make sure that your tent is facing where the breeze is coming from to maximise air circulation inside your tent.

2. Choose your camping gear for the season

Choose the appropriate camping gear.

Mesh Tents. Instead of using a tent with rainfly, buy a mesh tent. Mesh tents allows air to pass through.  If you want to be safe from rain, you may string a tarp above your tent to keep the rain from going inside. This technique allows you to have a better air flow in your tent and prepare for the possibility of rain.

Mesh Cot. Mesh cots are light and easy to pack. This allows you to sleep on your back and not on the ground. This also enables air to circulate around you and reduce your perspiration.

Hammock. The easiest way to feel the breeze is to string up a hammock between two trees and get settled. You may sleep in the hammock or use it as a resting area during midday.

3. Technology can help

Fan. Buy yourself a solar fan. You can charge the fan during the day and have it circulate the air in your tent at night. You may also connect a 12V fan to your solar panel. You may also get fans that are powered by batteries, but this could exhaust all your stored energy while you are sleeping.

Inflatable Spa. If you are camping far from a body of water, you may bring your own inflatable pool or upgrade to an inflatable spa. The Lay-Z Spa Miami fits up to four adults and it has massage jets to help relax your sore muscles after a long day of setting up your camp.

Cooler. If you do not have a fridge or a solar cooler, you may bring an ice box and fill it with plenty of ice to keep your drinks cold. Nothing can quench your thirst faster than a cold beverage, after you stayed long under the sun.

4. Take care of yourself

Hydrate. Heat can damage your body severely. Heatstroke may happen when you are exposed to the sun for a very long time. To prevent this from happening, you must stay hydrated at all times. On a regular day, a person must drink at least eight glasses of water a day. During summer you must drink double or triple your average water intake to replenish the fluids you lose to sweat. Avoid alcohol and coffee during this time because they will make you lose fluid faster.

Food. Avoid spicy food as this will add to the heat you feel in your body.

5. Dress for the heat

Remember that dark, thick clothes absorb heat and you will end up sweating immediately. Wear loose and light clothes. Apply sunscreen on your face and body to protect yourself from the harmful UV rays.

6. Plan your activities

Make sure that you do not stay out in the sun for too long. If you plan to go biking or hiking, make sure that you carry plenty of water with you and take a rest from time to time. Heat strokes may occur when the body temperature reaches 42 degrees. If it is too hot outside, choose to play board games in the shade or take the time to read a book in your campsite.

7. Take a dip

If you are in the beach or near the river, take a dip or simply have a shower to cool down your body.

Know the symptoms. You are the first person who can feel if there is something wrong with your body. Even if you take precautions, there may be times that you will not feel well. If you are not feeling your best, inform someone immediately.

Right Gear for Camping

Summer is indeed the best time to go camping, but we have to take a few precautions to keep us healthy. Staying hydrated is very important, and so is having the right gear for camping. If you are searching for the best camping equipment, visit OutbaxCamping today. Choose from an array of affordable and quality products.

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