How to get an Iran visa online?

Some are just getting to know about the Iran e-visa. While some think it is different from the usual visa, it is not. It is just a new service that is offered to others who want to travel to Iran, most especially tourists. This is an initiative of the Iranian ministry of foreign affairs to aid travel agencies all over the word and it has been on for some years. It is supposed to make acquiring visa to Iran easier and much more flexible.

So what is an Iran E-visa?

If you have travelled to Iran before, you would know that to travel there, you would need an authorization code. Except a few countries like Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Lebanon, Turkey and Malaysia and some other countries, most others need Tourist visas to get in. to make this—acquiring the visa—easier for those who would like to visit, the Iranian MFA or Ministry of Foreign Affairs decided to make its own Iran visa online application platform called the Iran e-visa. It has a very easy to understand method to it and helps you apply from everywhere and anywhere you are. It was made in 2017 to help with the submission of authorization codes. For lower risk of rejection, you can apply through 1stQuest. Applicants applying directly through MFA website for an Iran e Visa face an average rejection risk of 20%. For most applicants rejected thorough MFA, the main reason of rejection was lack of a hosting sponsor or a travel agency tied to their application. However, based on our records, only 1.8 percent of the applicants applying for an Iran visa through 1stQuest have had unsuccessful applications.

After you have filled the Iran visa application form online and it has been processed successfully, you will be able to get your visa at the airport you stated in the form or the embassy, whichever you want and filled in the form in the Iran e-visa website. You can fill the Iran visa application form through With even the littlest internet knowledge you can do this and be on your way. The application is done online. It is advised that applications be done very early before stipulated time for travel, maybe a month or two prior. This is because of the high probability of being rejected. This is of course dependent on the applicant’s country of origin.

This is very efficient for travel planning because the high rate of quick response to applications. So you are not kept on the loop for so long and as a result of this you can plan in real time. And since you are applying online, there are things that you would be needed to submit over in digital form. You would need to send in a digital copy of your passport and a person photograph. These should meet the requirement of the Iranian MFA. To know if these documents will accept you can check them first before you send them in the form. This is to make sure they meet the quality and requirements so you don’t go through the stress of repeatedly submitting again and again.

There are several steps to applying for the Iranian E-visa

Number one of these steps is uploading the digital copies of documents that are asked of you. One thing you should know and take very seriously is how and where you want to get your visa. Some apply for Iran visa on arrival 2019 or VOA which is also good and other opt to just pick their visa at the Embassy, this is important. Another thing to know is that not all nationalities are eligible for VOA. Know this so you know if what you want is available for you.

Number Two is very familiar. It is like filling every other form. Like receipts or attendance form or things like that. You just have to put down your number and residential address in Iran and other personal details that will be asked of you. Easy as breathing.

Number Three too is not difficult. It is where you put your passport details. This includes when it will be expiring and when it was issued and its type.

Number four has only two mandatory places to fill. There is a column for you to put in how long you will be staying in Iran and the other mandatory column is where you fill in how you will be entering. This space is not multi choice since only one kind of entry is allowed.

Something to take note of is that you don’t really need the authorization code to apply for Visa on arrival but you have to apply for at least two days prior to your travel. And also, you have to have a copy of your submission notice. This is made available to you right after you apply. You submit this to the visa on arrival counter in the airport that you filled in your form and get your visa. When these are done, you can then submit and wait for your confirmation mail. This mail is supposed to come a few minutes after submitting. It is supposed to carry a link that would help you confirm your application. Please note that you are supposed to confirm your application within twelve hours of applying. This is to avoid your application being cancelled because it will regard as unserious. Not, also, that the mail can be sent to your spam folder and not necessarily your inbox so you don’t think it has been sent and as a result let it stay so late without confirming.

Getting you authorization code could take up to ten working days so you should work up your patience and plan everything accordingly. Also it is normal for some applicant of some nationalities to be called for interviews. But if you apply through 1stQuest you will get your authorization code within 2 business days. One thing is true, like every visa application, it will not always be easy and rosy. For some it will be difficult and almost near impossible. And that is one way the online application is good. It saves applicants from the problem of going to apply continuously by going through physical and financial stress. Where some will apply one and be successful, some won’t and that is normal. Some will be rejected and some will be accepted after two tries and some will get response in quick time while some will not.

Most of the feedbacks have been good anyway. Most have said that they got the better end of the stick when they applied with the online or Electronic Visa. A good number too have complained that they were rejected even after two or three tries and then were advised to apply for tourist visa and still were rejected. An applicant from Sao Paulo said that he was able to get an E-visa for his wife after three tries and he himself was rejected five times but he was able to do it with the help of an agency. And later he was able to get it at one try when he did it in Baku.

The Iranian E-visa is the perfect way to ease the hard hands of travel planning. We all know how difficult it is to get things in order when planning a trip sometimes and then imagine being able to do everything within the comfort of your home without the stress of going to the embassy and all that difficulty that comes with it. So I would say with its minor issues, it is still an easy way out.