Guide to enjoy the Canary Islands

With astonishing natural scenes and beautiful beaches, the Canary Island archipelago has made its way to every traveler’s bucket lists. These volcanic islands just off the coast of West Africa hold up a long Spanish tradition and yet, manage to offer adventure sports at every new corner.

There are variety of hotels in Tenerife which hosts the national park, and other attractions of the Canary Islands, and pulls in thousands of people who want to escape from the British Isles. For the adventurous, there are many beautiful islands which offer you the chance to hike and enjoy nature up and close.

Here’s our small guide to the things you can’t miss if you go to the Canary Islands.

1. El Monumento Natural de Los Roques

This beautiful facade of stone showcases off the beauty that you can easily find in the Canary Islands. With a rich cultural history and one of the unique languages being born here (the people in the local village communicate entirely through a language of whistles), this is one place you don’t want to miss.

The terrain is beautiful and makes a brilliant excuse for a long drive through the roads. You can take up your car through the mountains and canyons without worry and see the beauty of every single part of the mountains.

If you want more adventure, it’s highly recommended to take up the challenge of hiking the route and visiting the affectionately termed “bird” village.

2. Jameos del Agua

This is the water park of your dreams. Working to save endemic species for decades, this water park allows you to see the wonders of Canary Islands up close. With a nearly endless tunnel under the Atlantic and a clear water pool, you can rest your soul here, and enjoy the whole day as it passes you buy.

Buy local seafood, enjoy the scenery and keep a lookout for the blind crabs and you can see nowhere else in the world. Discover the Jameos del Agua in Lanzarote, and you’ll be left wanting nothing more than the peace and serenity that are the hallmarks of the area.

3. The food

Enjoy the gastronomy of the Canary Islands with the local white fish and sauce. The “mojo” sauce is a local spicy delicacy which brings out the flavor in the fish. If you don’t like seafood, try out the local produce with wrinkled potatoes, and the Spanish fare.

Don’t forget to taste the canary honey rum and its wines, which are catalogued of great quality. Mostly though, try and visit the local kitchens to take a look at the spicy African and Spanish fusions that are exciting in their own right and very healthy.

4. The Teror Town

The Grand Canary island boasts of many things but, perhaps the most famous in this quaint little town. FIlled with old-school architecture and colorful houses you can roam around the place is glee. This provides for an excellent evening stroll with the family where you can visit the local eateries and eat out to your heart’s content and see the true Spanish traditions being maintained in this pristine little nook.