Digha tourist attractions that you must know about

Digha is a coastal resort town nestled in West Bengal. It is known for its scenic views, laid-back lifestyle, ample sunlight, and sun-kissed beaches. Long stretch of sand, boulevards lined with trees, lipsmacking Bengali cuisines, and warm and hospitable people are a few things that should tempt you into making this quaint little place your next holiday destination.

Plan a trip to Digha, and you will have the most Instagram-worthy vacation ever. Every landscape here is straight out of an artist’s imagination. Yellow sandy beaches, palm trees, serene temples, you would not want to leave this ‘too good to be true’ place.

Digha is a tourist’s dream come true, and it is quite accessible too. Contact us for amazing Digha holiday packages, and Digha hotel list for amazing deals.

Digha is a touristy place, with a plethora of attractions to choose from. Needless to say, you will be spoilt for choice here. Digha will charm you with its varied hues and colors reflecting the various positions of the sun. It is a vibrant, colorful land, with a lot of interesting things to do, but before we delve into that, let’s read a bit about the history of Digha.

A place called Beerkul existed where Digha lies today. This name was mentioned in Warren Hastings letters written in 1780 as ‘Brighton of the East’. Later an English businessman named John Frank Snaith started living here in 1923, and through his writings he popularized this place as a beautiful tourist destination. He even implored the then Chief Minister, Bidhan Chandra Roy, to turn this place into a beach resort. The Chief Minister’s took his advice seriously, and Digha became a popular touristy spot.

Digha, as it has already been mentioned, is blessed with a lot of places to see- both natural and man-made. Some of the best Digha tourist destinations that would make your holiday a never-before experience are-

  • New Digha Beach
    Located at a distance of just 2 kms from its older counterpart, the New Digha beach combines all the good qualities of the old Digha beach but is much more peaceful, and cleaner than the latter. It offers picturesque views of the frothy waves, and a rejuvenating feeling to the travelers. Come here to enjoy the natural beauty and playful waves, and if you are an adventure sport enthusiasts, there are many things like banana boat, sea surfing, that you can enjoy here. This place will fill your heart with joy, and your mind with much needed tranquility.
  • Shankarpur Beach
    This is one of the lesser known but extremely beautiful beaches in Digha. This is a great place to spend an amazing time with the playful and play hide and seek with the crabs on the beach. This beach is relatively less crowded as more isolated than the others. So you can come here to relax and unwind, and spend some quality time with yourself or your group.
  • Chandaneshwar Temple
    This temple dedicated to Lord Shiva oozes peace and tranquility. It is made in white marble, which adds to its beauty and serenity. The surroundings of the temple are also picturesque. The temple hosts an annual holy fair, and it witnesses a lot of participation then. This fair is held here in the Solar New Year Pana Sankrati that marks the first day of the Odia calendar.
  • Talsari Beach
    If you wish to spend some alone time, relaxing and rejuvenating, away from the hustle and bustle of people, this is the beach to head to. It is fairly isolated from the rest of the beaches, thereby making it an ideal place to spend sometime alone, contemplating over the intricacies of life, or just enjoying the nothingness this place has to offer. And what’s more, this place also has amazing food stalls offering some lip-smackingly delectable sea food cuisines that will leave you craving for more.

Marine Aquarium and Research Centre
This huge aquarium is one of the main attractions of Digha. It is extremely well-equipped, and is a paradise for people interested in life under the sea. It offers a great insight into the marine ecosystem and biodiversity and houses many species including the endangered ones. You can find species like sea anemones, rays, lobsters, and sharks here. If are traveling to Digha with your kids, then nothing like this place to keep them entertained. Your kids will love you!

Digha is a perfect tourist destination whether you are travelling alone, with friends or family. It has everything for every kind of traveller. It is a mesmerizing place that will make you fall in love with itself in a heartbeat. So, what are you waiting for? Start packing for the holiday of your lifetime. Contact us for Digha hotel list and amazing deals.