Did you know about these astonishing places in/near Chennai?

Whether you are booking New Delhi to Chennai flights, or you are travelling to Chennai from abroad, you ought to prepare an itinerary to make sure that you enjoy every part of Chennai! Though, a trip to Chennai has to be amazing, because the place is simply outstanding. Starting from the tastiest local cuisine to some of the most historic religious places, there is a lot that Chennai has to offer to the travelers. Also, Chennai is known worldwide for its interesting local dresses, customs, festivals etc. as well. Though, Chennai has a host of outstanding places to see, but in this article we will talk about some of the hidden gems in/near Chennai:

  • Headquarters of Freemasons India

Freemasons’ Hall, which is basically a tall hall which serves as the HQ of Freemasons India is considered as one of the hidden treasures of Chennai. The place is a quite spacious, and it abodes more than 200 people easily. The huge pillars of the region imitate the beautiful Greek architecture. The décor comprises of a great mix of Italian marbles and tiles, which make this hall pretty beautiful. On the first floor lies a dining hall, which is made from wrought iron and grill. The hall is quite decently designed, and the walls are decorated with Masonic emblems. So, whether you come to Chennai by a train or whether you book New Delhi to Chennai flights, make sure you add Freemasons’ Hall in your good-to-visit list.

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  • The spooky Demonte Colony

Demonte Colony is surely regarded as one of the most spooky places to see in Chennai. It is located in Alwarpet, and quite rapidly it is becoming a famous tourist attractions. The neighborhood gets its name from one of the place’s original inhabitants, a merchant who was named John Demonte. The story behind the place is that, it is believed that Mr. John Demonte’s life here was damaged by misfortune. And, this place was inhabited until around only a decade ago, however, after stories of bizarre happenings and frequent ghost sightings, the place become quite empty as people started to move out. If you want to get some chills while on a trip to Chennai, do plan a visit to this haunted place!

  • Prison Bazaar

Prison bazaar, as the name suggests, is linked to something mysterious. Though, the place sis pretty safe, as it is situated on periphery of Chennai’s largest prison, which is the Puzhal prison. The place is pretty new, it was opened recently, and it contains everything, starting from sweets to footwear, and that too at very low rates. The fascinating part about this place is that only the prisoners make all of the products which are sold here.

Places listed above are some of the most fascinating or mysterious places to see in Chennai. So, after you are done booking your Mumbai to Chennai or New Delhi to Chennai cheap domestic flights, make sure you do prepare an itinerary to enjoy various places in Chennai, including these.