Canyoning Soca – Adrenaline Challenging Activities in Slovenia

For an adventurer, the vacation becomes something that must be full of challenges. Now, there is the latest challenging choice, the canyoning Soca is guaranteed to make your heart excited. Here, you will be invited to descend the most beautiful waterfalls, the great Kozjak waterfall using a rope. Guaranteed, this canyoning Soca will be challenging experience will make adrenaline in the body flow faster.

This extreme activity is not an ordinary tourist activity. Those who do this activity must have high guts. In addition, courage is not the only capital that needs to be prepared. You also have to have the basics of the ability to climb.

Canyoning Soca Is More Challenging Than Wall Climbing

This extreme activity also has a dangerous level that is higher than rock climbing or wall climbing. Which of course will make you always remember this adventure. Moreover, when participating in this canyoning Soca, you don’t only have to do vertical wall climbing. There are also other challenges that must be overcome, namely the flow of water that drops from above.

For that, a canyoning participant must have the ability in terms of wall climbing or rock climbing. Moreover, special techniques need to be done when jumping from one location to another to make sure that the body is not crushed by the swift flow of water. The trick is to place one leg in a position in the water. In addition, the hands also must not be in a stretched position. In the canyoning Soca, you will be guided by their very experienced guides and they are all certified instructors for the Soca river.

The Things That Must Be Considered In Canyoning

When doing this activity, you also must always be vigilant. Especially because the surface of the waterfall is very slippery. Not to forget, complete security equipment must also be used. Starting from protective helmets, special canyoning straps, special shoes, and carabiners. You can get these equipment facilities from event organizers who serve these extreme activities such as the canyoning Soca in Bovec.

Do not forget, you also have to have more stamina. Especially, because you have to complete climbing activities with a fairly long route, reaching a height of 20 meters. If you are an expert, you might be able to solve it in a short time. It’s different if you are still in the learning stage and need adjustments.

Interested in following this challenging activity? Contact the canyoning Soca.

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