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How to Take Care of Your Lawn

Most homeowners think that lawn needs less care since the grass grow slowly. However, just like how a car needs a regular maintenance, lawns also need daily checkup to ensure that the grass and trees are in good condition. The following are essential factors that lawn owners need to follow to keep their lawns well maintained. First you need to look for the correct size of the mowing machines depending on the size of your garden. It is vital to sharpen the blades of your mowing machine so as to avoid tearing the grass with dull blades. If you find it hard to sharpening the blades, you can contact a garden store to do the job. After the mowing blades are sharpened. You need to set a perfect height for cutting the grass, remember that cutting the grass too close to the root is unhealthy and can make it weak hence falling in the short-run. Ensure that you cut the grass regularly till you get the desired height.

Besides, watering plays a vital role in the health of the grass in the lawn. The following are the essential tips that lawn owner need to follow in order to maximize watering efficiency and effectiveness. Lawn owners need to ensure that they water the grass early in the morning to avoid evaporation of the moisture by the sun. Furthermore, you need to water the grass one inch below so as to avoid adding too much water that can flood the area. Watering needs to be done three days in a week, if you water daily, the soil could be oversaturated with water hence making it too loose to support the grass.

Other than watering and mowing, the lawns need to be added with fertilizers to facilitate the growth of the grass. Apply fertilizers to your lawn at the right time and season. It is vital to test the acidity and alkalinity of the soil before using a fertilizer. Also consider the application procedures of the fertilizer, is the fertilizer you chose administered by a spray nozzle or a spreader.

It is vital to get rid of weeds through the following techniques, you can use mulch to get rid of weeds. Besides, you can get rid of the weeds by planting the grass closer together to limit the space that the weeds would have used. You need aerate the lawn so as to it improves moisture retention, increase nutrient retention as well as giving the grass enough space for breathing.

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