8 Tips for Doing a Romantic Getaway Properly

Have you ever wanted to take your partner by the hand, start your car and get away from all the noise and the chaos? It doesn’t matter if you’re a fresh couple or have met your significant other on a senior singles site, romantic getaways are always a great idea. In that name, here are eight tips for organizing a perfect romantic getaway without much hassle.

1.    Plan Ahead

We know that you’ll get the best effect if you act on impulse and just go on a weekend getaway with your partner out of the blue, but it’s still wiser to start making plans for this occasion earlier.

Being organized is key when it comes to romantic getaways, which is why planning ahead is important. Don’t overdo it, though, because worrying too much and having every minute planned out can be a real mood killer sometimes.

2.    Leave the Tech Behind

The point of every romantic getaway is to completely unplug and be alone with your significant other. So, if you really want to pay attention to your partner during your trip, it would probably be best if you left all your gadgets at home.

3.    Make Each Day Special

Regardless of the length of your romantic vacation, you should, by all means, make each day special for your partner and you.

Romantic getaways should only serve the purpose of creating memorable moments for a couple, which means that every day you spend on your trip should be worth at least one memory.

4.    Intimacy is Key

Once again we’re talking about giving your undivided attention to your significant other, but aside from ditching phone, laptop, and tablet, you should also consider renting a house.

Having a whole house for yourselves can really do wonders for you and your partner in terms of intimacy. Each room is a new adventure and a new opportunity to make great memories.

5.    Camping

Another great way to achieve intimacy with your partner during a romantic getaway is to go camping. The remoteness and the distance from civilization that camping provides you with is a very rare benefit, so make sure you use it to your advantage.

6.    Go Local

When someone says “romantic getaway,” the first thing that comes to mind for most people is traveling to a far-away town, city or even country. But what if we told you that you can be a tourist in your own town?

Instead of searching far and wide for a perfect getaway spot, you can try a local B&B that nurtures that quaint, authentic feel. This way, you can have a romantic getaway, you don’t have to spend a fortune on it, and you may learn a thing or two about your own town.

7.    Mind the Food

You may think that it doesn’t matter that much, but food plays an important role in organizing a romantic getaway. Make sure that there are excellent dishes and a large variety of choices at your destination because if the food sucks, your trip will suck, too.

8.    Off-Season

Finally, let’s not forget that peak periods are a huge “no” when it comes to romantic getaways. Plan your trip so that you arrive at your destination during a non-peak period, for maximum intimacy and genuine “getaway” effect.