8 of the Best Languages Witch Activity Holidays From Across the Globe

German and Skiing? Japanese and manga? Or even Spanish and tango? Learn the language in a native country, while adding a bit of extracurricular excitement with the following holiday courses, which offer culture and skill.

Mandarin and Different Activities – China

These involve 4-hours of lessons every day along with the added
benefit of 1-to-1 tutorials at the Hutong School’s intensive Mandarin courses
based in Hangzhou, Shanghai, and Beijing. This 2-week course is also inclusive of 4 activities each week. These include visiting hot springs, cooking, tai chi and even skiing. You can also take advantage of excursions over the weekends in order to explore China more.

Tango and Spanish In Buenos Aires

Caledonia runs adventure, language and culture trips, which include learning to speak Spanish and learning how to tango in Buenos Aires. This school is situated in the upper-class neighbourhood of Recoleta. The 1-week course will include 20-group Spanish lessons, 2-group tango classes along with 1 private-tango session. The dates selected are suitable for any beginners and you can add in accommodation from £270 for shared and self-catered apartments. The package is also available for hen parties or even Costa Del Sol stag dos.

French and Horse Riding – Provence

CESA, is a company that has language schools across the globe, offers fantastic courses situated in a mansion in Aix-en-Provence. French lessons that take place over 2 weeks are offered with horse riding, which includes 20-group lessons every week. Other activities include oenology, which involves studying wine, cooking, hiking, and painting. The options for accommodation involve staying with host families. This school also arranges activities that include petanque contests and town tours.

DJing and Spanish in Ibiza

This course is very different from the typical types of language classroom, as you get to learn how to DJ in Ibiza as well as learning how to speak Spanish. The language lessons are tailored for every level, while the 2 DJ courses are for beginners or advanced students. These 1 or 2-week course are for people who are interested in learning Ableton live + Traktor for the production of electronic music which is taught by the Pacha DJs. In the months of summer, this school also arranges trips over the weekend to neighbouring Mallorca.

Culture and Greek In Lefkada

Omilo runs the Greek courses in Nafplion and Athens, as well as on the Lefkada and Syros islands. The islands are usually the more appealing with classes only 200 metres away from the beautiful beach in a village known as Agios Nikitas situated along the west coast. A 1-week course involves 24-hours of lessons over a period of 6 days (there are no classes on Wednesdays) along with a minimum of 4 activities, which include Greek dance lessons, guided hikes or traditional music talks. The activities also include a meal at the village taverna. Strangely enough, the students need to be at least 26 years of age or older.

Moroccan and Arabic Cooking In Tétouan, Morocco

GoLearnTo.com offers language courses from South America to Scandinavia. One of the more unusual courses is the Moroccan and Arabic cooking course based in Tétouan, northern Morocco. The course is held over a week and includes four 55-minute Arabic lessons each day, along with two 90-minute cooking lessons where you can learn to make couscous, pastilla, harira and tagine. Tétouan, a Hispano-Moorish town has a world heritage-listed medina, can be found at Rif Mountains foot, which is close to the sea.

Pop Culture and Japanese In Fukuoka

If you are tempted to learn Japanese, combined with an interesting pop culture-themed course, Cactus Language offers courses in 120 destinations, which includes this interesting mixture. This course is situated in Fukuoka, which is the largest city on Kyushu, which is the most southern of Japan’s 4 main islands. Lessons run from Monday to Friday from 9.30am to 2.30pm daily, along with Japanese language cover-movies, manga, music, books, and TV. You can alternatively choose a course that covers traditional Japanese culture where you can study tea ceremonies, kimonos, Japanese food, and calligraphy along with other types of customs.

Skiing and German In Austria

DIT is the language school located in the Kitzbühel resort in the Tyrolean Alps, which is the home to the downhill world championship ski race. It offers 1-week intensive German courses that include morning-only lessons, which leaves the afternoons available for skiing. Ski seasons run from November through to April in summer, while other afternoon activities also include tennis and hiking.

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