6 Great Things To Do In Naples

Naples is an amazing city situated in Italy and is known for multiple reasons. Just like most o the italian cities, Naples also attract a very large number of tourist attractions every year. If you are planning a trip to this amazing city situated in the south of Italy but have no good idea bout what you should do here, then you should totally go through these 9 great things to do in the city of naples.

1. Taste the authentic italian pizza

Naples is an italian city and is known for everything for which the italians are known. There are multiple things that are famous in italian cuisine and italian pizza is one of them. You should undoubtedly try out the real authentic pizza from Italy when in Naples.

2. Visit Pompeii

Pompeii is an ancient city located around the Mount Vesuvius. It is known for multiple things and is one of the most tourist attractive places in the city of Naples. The ruins of this city from the ancient times are much cherished and appreciated by the visitors that visit Pompeii.

3. Take a sample of the coffee culture

The second most famous thing about Naples after Pizza is the coffee culture as Naples is the city of caffeinated individuals. In order to look for a restaurant or a bar that does not serve coffee, you will have to struggle and search a lot. Two traditional forms of coffee that are served in the city are zuccherato and amaro.

4. Go Out and eat like a local

This is one thing that you should do with any place where you visit. No matter how many times you have visited the place, eating like a local gives a certain degree of pleasure always. Same is the case with Naples, in order to enjoy the most you should go out and eat just like a local.

5. Enjoy the contemporary art scenes

MADRE which is also known to be the historical heart of the city Naples. It is art museum of contemporary art scenes which no art loving person can ever afford to miss out. Visiting Naples and not visiting this place is surely a loss. You should therefore, always visit the place.

6. Go to the churches

Churches of Italy are pure beauty and are the most peaceful for spending some time by your own. Gesu Nuovo is the most strikingly known church of Naples. Another speciality of the churches in Naples is that they are extremely huge, opulent, and peaceful.

These are the few things that you should do in order to make the most out of your trip to the city of Naples located in the beautiful country Italy. In order to visit any of these places straight from the airport, make sure that you use the Naples airport transfers. Also, in order to reach to the airport directly from these places or any other place in Naples, you can book the same Naples airport transfer and enjoy a comfortable ride.