5 Breathtaking Locations Every Biker Has To Visit This Autumn

The summer season is nearing its end, and unlike most people out there, members of the biker dating sites and motorcycle enthusiasts are rather happy about it. The main reason for this is the early autumn, which is the most beautiful time of year for bikers. The weather is still warm, there’s no rain, and the colors are just magnificent. So, if you’re a biker, here are 5 absolutely stunning locations you must visit during this autumn season.

The Blue Ridge Mountains, Georgia

People usually don’t visit the southern parts of the country during this time of year, but trust us, if you want a perfect autumn adventure, you should sit on your beloved bike and hit the road to Georgia. The Blue Ridge Mountains are a hidden gem of this beautiful state and they’re absolutely mesmerizing during autumn.

Besides enjoying the beautiful landscapes during your ride, you can also stop to and take in the beauty of Chattahoochee River. Also, feel free to visit Helen, a gorgeous yet modest mountain town that looks like a Bavarian village. Here, you can enjoy Oktoberfest, drink beer and eat some delicious food. All in all, this is undoubtedly a perfect destination for a motorcycle road trip.

Pennsylvania’s Wilderness

As you probably know, Pennsylvania is a home to some of the most stunning and breathtaking sceneries and landscapes in the United States. If you really want to enjoy the magnificent views of forests and mountains, we recommend you take a ride along the legendary Route 6 in the northern part of this lovely state.  If you’re a beer lover, you should definitely stop by at the Straub Brewery in St. Mary’s, Pennsylvania.

Covered Bridges, Connecticut

This beautiful and peaceful area offers motorcycle enthusiasts a chance to explore 100 miles long road that’s surrounded by breathtaking wilderness and majestic scenery. Once you’re there, make sure to visit the Town of Falls Village in Canaan. This place is like a time capsule – old churches, railroads, and houses are all beautifully preserved. You’ll have the feeling like you’ve traveled back in time all the way to the 1800s. Also, this location provides visitors with lovely hiking trails. If you’re into autumn landscapes, this place is perfect for you.

Hudson Valley, New York

This piece of paradise is located just 90 minutes outside of Manhattan, and it offers 80 miles of beautiful quiet road and breathtaking scenery of the legendary Hudson River. Along the way, you can visit various wineries, villages, and restaurants where you can enjoy the fantastic food. This place is ideal for lonesome riders or motorcycle couples who are looking for a romantic road trip in this area.

Historic Trails of New England

Our list of perfect autumn road trips wouldn’t be complete without the Historic Trails Of New England. This place offers a number of beautiful hiking trails, and Freedom Trail is the most significant one. While you’re there, make sure to visit Massachusetts’ Berkshires, a lovely place that is absolutely mesmerizing during the autumn season.