How to get an Iran visa online?

Some are just getting to know about the Iran e-visa. While some think it is different from the usual visa, it is not. It is just a new service that is offered to others who want to travel to Iran, most especially tourists. This is an initiative of the Iranian ministry of foreign affairs to aid travel agencies all over the word and it has been on for some years. It is supposed to make acquiring visa to Iran easier and much more flexible.

So what is an Iran E-visa?

If you have travelled to Iran before, you would know that to travel there, you would need an authorization code. Except a few countries like Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Lebanon, Turkey and Malaysia and some other countries, most others need Tourist visas to get in. to make this—acquiring the visa—easier for those who would like to visit, the Iranian MFA or Ministry … Read the rest “How to get an Iran visa online?”

5 Tech Tips to Maximize Your Hotel Stay in 2019

            While traveling is great in of itself, the hotel you’ll be staying in during your trip wil really make or break your experience.  After all, it will be where you’ll sleep, wake up, and get ready to go out.  Because it’s here you’ll be spending at minimum 8 hours a day at, you will want to make sure your hotel experience is the best it can be, and with these simple suggestions, you can make your hotel feel like home.

1.    Ask the Staff

            Depending on what hotel you are currently staying in, the hotel staff may be able to lend you complimentary items for your room.  Forgot your phone charger?  The staff may have some at the desk.  Need headphones to fall asleep at night but forgot yours?  The staff may also have some of those. 

            Again, this entirely depends on what hotel you’re staying in, … Read the rest “5 Tech Tips to Maximize Your Hotel Stay in 2019”