Digha tourist attractions that you must know about

Digha is a coastal resort town nestled in West Bengal. It is known for its scenic views, laid-back lifestyle, ample sunlight, and sun-kissed beaches. Long stretch of sand, boulevards lined with trees, lipsmacking Bengali cuisines, and warm and hospitable people are a few things that should tempt you into making this quaint little place your next holiday destination.

Plan a trip to Digha, and you will have the most Instagram-worthy vacation ever. Every landscape here is straight out of an artist’s imagination. Yellow sandy beaches, palm trees, serene temples, you would not want to leave this ‘too good to be true’ place.

Digha is a tourist’s dream come true, and it is quite accessible too. Contact us for amazing Digha holiday packages, and Digha hotel list for amazing deals.

Digha is a touristy place, with a plethora of attractions to choose from. Needless to say, you will be spoilt for … Read the rest “Digha tourist attractions that you must know about”

Georgia Tours: things to see in Tbilisi

Tbilisi: what to see

Narikala Fortress: the city’s main citadel, which dates from the 4th Century AD.

Sioni cathedral: of the 6th-7th c. Church of the Virgin. A relic of Christian Georgia, St. Nino’s Cross, is preserved here.

Mount Mtatsminda: (The Holy mountain) architectural and artistic symbol of Tbilisi, with the church of Father David, pantheon of famous writers and public figures, and a funicular on its slope.

Metekhi Church: a 13th-century cross-domed building which is part of the Metekhi Palace complex. It houses the grave of St. Shushanik.

Sulphur baths: a favourite place of Tbilisi citizens and foreign guests.

Anchiskhati: one of the most ancient basilicas, dating from the 6th century.

National Art Museum: … Read the rest “Georgia Tours: things to see in Tbilisi”

Niseko Powder Equipment Guide

If it’s your first time to Niseko you will be blown away by the quality and quantity of snow that falls. With an average of 10 plus metres of the softest, lightest and driest snow you may have ever experienced, this powder haven is like no other place in the world. As such, it is vital that you are equipped with appropriate equipment to exploit such elite conditions and gain the most out of your time in Niseko.

With many advances in research, technology and development in this industry, the quality of modern-day equipment is unprecedented and there is no reason to be using an under performing snowboard or set of skis. If you are not a frequent powder skier and your equipment reflects this, leave it at home and rent a more appropriate set-up once you’re in town. Enjoy the hassle-free experience of renting and enjoy some of the … Read the rest “Niseko Powder Equipment Guide”